OMCAFÉ “Excuse for conversation”

There is so much to discover in the world of coffee. And every package OMCAFÉ reveals to you the part of this mysterious and distant world.

What makes us so special?

Looking for the best kinds of coffee, experts from our company go almost around the whole world. They visit individual growers of raw coffee and build long-term as well as personal relationships with them.


  • OMCAFÉ Premium
    OMCAFÉ Rio
    OMCAFÉ Славска

  • OMCAFÉ 2 in1 Soya Natural
    OMCAFÉ 3 in1 Soya Natural
    OMCAFÉ 3 in1 Soya Vanilla

  • OMCAFÉ 2 in 1
    OMCAFÉ 3 in 1
    OMCAFÉ Cappuccino
    OMCAFÉ 3 in 1 with Brown Sugar

  • The smell of morning with sugar
    The smell of morning without sugar

  • OMCAFÉ Espresso Strong
    OMCAFÉ Espresso Forte
    OMCAFÉ Espresso Corposo
    OMCAFÉ Espresso Firenze
    OMCAFÉ Espresso Venezia

  • Instant Extra
    Instant Classical